San Jose Chapel 


The San Jose Chapel is located at Calle Jovellanos, 10. The chapel was built by the guild of carpenters between 1699 and 1766. The main nave was built by Pedro Romero and the main chapel was built by Esteban Paredes. Today the church is run by the Franciscan Order and is found in a very busy part of the city. The church is small and has a rectangular shape with only one nave and a small crossing. The chapel has the images of Santa Justa and Santa Rufina, who were sisters and are now two of the patron saints of Seville. The main altarpiece is Neoclassic and is beautiful. The stained glass windows have some that are old and some new. The main façade is Baroque and over the main door there is a niche that has the image of San Jose, and this was designed by Lucas Valdes in 1716. The main altar was the work of the Portuguese sculptor Cayetano de Acosta. There is a retable also of Santa Ana that is Baroque and has two Solomonic columns that sustain an arch.