As with many travel destinations, Seville has been known to have its share of petty crime aimed at unsuspecting tourists.  To avoid becoming a victim and being parted from your money or stuff, it is wise to remember to practice some basic traveler's safety rules:

  • Make good use of your hotel's safe.  Keep your extra cash, credit cards,  jewelry, and anything else important in it.  Do not leave valuables lying around loose in your room or carry them around unnecessarily.  If thieves can't get to them, they can't steal them.
  • Men should avoid carrying their wallets in their back pockets.  This makes them all the more easily lifted by pickpockets.
  • Rather than carrying your passport around with you at all times, carry a photocopy of it and keep the original in your hotel's safe.
  • Women should be careful not to leave bags and purses unattended while eating in restaurants and make sure that they have all of their bags when exiting a bus or taxi.
  • Beware of gypsy women offering you sprigs of 'lucky' privet, they will ask for money and when given a few coins will say that it is not enough. They will then encourage you to check for more money in your pocket and if you happen to pull out a wad of notes they will take several of them and make a hasty getaway.

Following these basic rules should keep travelers safe, but be sure always to have the phone number of the local police and those of your bank and credit card companies on hand just in case.