Monastery of the Resurrection

The Monastery of the Resurrection is located at Calle Don Teobaldo, s/n. This monastery belongs to the Orden Canonical del Santo Sepulcro and is the only monastery of this order that exists in Spain. It is also the only monastery of the Mudejar style that remains in Aragon. It was declared a National Monument in 1893. The monastery was founded in 1306 by the Marquesa Gil de Rada, the widow of the first Señor de Hijar, Pedro Fernando de Hijar (an illegitimate son of Jaime I of Aragon). After that date the construction of the monastery began and continued throughout the 14th century under the sponsorship of the Bishop of Zaragoza Don Lope Fernandez de Luna. Another sponsor was a Canon of the Holy Sepulcher, Martin de Alpartir. The façade dates to the end of the 19th century.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher has a rectangular plan with 3 sections that are separated by arches that support a wood paneled ceiling with simple geometric decoration. There is an altarpiece from the 17th century with an image of the Risen Christ. Beside it is the chapter house, with a square floor plan that is covered with a simple ribbed vault, with ribs resting on four stone columns with capitals of acanthus leaves. The floor has the tombstones of Brother Martin de Alpartir and some prioresses of the order. There are some steps down to the crypt of the Holy Sepulcher with the image of Christ, made of polychromed wood that dates to the early 16th century.

There is a pointed arched doorway between two mullioned windows with Gothic tracery that lead to the cloister. The cloister has a rectangular floor plan and is built in brick, with three floors. The lower floor that opens to the courtyard has large pointed arches. The second floor has arcades with large pointed arches. The third floor is modern and has the living quarters of the nuns. There is a refectory of simple design with three simple ribbed vaults that date to 1560.

The canonesses have lived in this building for over 700 years and their order is a lay order that is not cloistered. They can go in and out of the monastery. The monastery is meant for meditation and silence and prayer. There is lodging for those who want to have this unique experience.

Guided visits:

Mondays at 10-11H.

Price: 2 euros

Tel: 645-982-045