Church of the Franciscan Fathers

The Church of the Franciscan Fathers is located at Los Alfolies, 1. It is the oldest church in Aviles and was built at the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th century. It has the Romanesque style but has been altered very much over the years. San Francisco was the patron saint of the sailors and merchants because it was located by the sea by the medieval wall.

Beside the main nave are two chapels. On the left is the Chapel of Pedro Solis from the 15th century in the Gothic style and on the right is the Chapel of Christ from the 18th century and in the Baroque style. The western façade has the Romanesque style with three archivolts and the capitals shows Adam and Ever in paradise and there are designs that are geometric and show animals. Inside the church is the tomb of Pedro Menendez of Aviles, an admiral of the Armada of Felipe II and the founder of San Agustin in Florida, the oldest city in the United States. The tomb is located on the left side of the main altar and was made of marble in 1924.