Gijon boasts an intense cultural life that is centered in its impressive collection of cultural centers. There, locals meet to share traditions, dances, music, and other cultural activities that have been part of the neighborhoods for centuries. These centers house libraries where you can access unique documents that tell the history of the communities. To get a feel of what makes Asturians tick, stop by any of the following:

- Centro Municipal de El Llano, at Rio de Oro, 11;

- Centro Municipal Integrado de El Coto, at Plaza de la Republica;

- Centro Municipal Integrado de la Arena at Canga Arguelles, 16-18;

- Centro Municipal El Natahoyo, at La Estrella; and

- Centro Municipal Poligono de Pumarin, among others.

For further information, check out Fundacion Municipal de Cultura's website at at