Palacio de la Diputacion de Bizkaia


The Palacio de la Diputacion de Bizkaia is located at Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro, 25. The Palacio de la Diputacion de Bizkaia has and eclectic style based on the Renaissance style. The prominent people of the city wanted to have a government palace that reflected the wealth and economic wellbeing of the province of Vizcaya. In 1890 Luis Aladren was chosen as the architect of the project. His work history is that he had previously designed the beautiful Casino in San Sebastian. He came out with a wonderful design that was very impressive and highly decorative. The building was finished in 1900. The location was the Gran Via, the best possible location. The exterior has a porch and on top of this there is a balcony that is used in public ceremonies. There is also a large coat of arms of the province at the very top. The façade is very imposing and impressive, which is what the public wanted.


The interior is highly decorative and uses marble, wood, stucco, mirrors, plaster, porcelain jars, ceramics, and stained glass windows, everything that a decorative arts museum possesses. The ceilings were painted by Jose Echenagusia, Anselmo Guinea and Alvaro Alcala Galiano. There are three ceramic panels created by Daniel Zuloaga. The stained glass window over the principal staircase (which is very impressive) was the work of Anselmo Guinea.


The Throne Room is very impressive and the murals were painted by Jose Echenagusia Errazquin. The titles of the murals are "Juramento de los Fueros" and "Pacificación de oñacinos y gamboinos". The Throne Salon was patterned after Versailles. The floor is made of marquetry and there are elegant mirrors on the walls. There is also the office of the General Deputy, the highest ranking official of the province. The office contains Imperial Jars came from Sevres and were a gift of Eugenia de Montijo, the Empress of France married to Napoleon III. One jar has her image, another has the image of Napoleon III, and the last one has the image of their son Napoleon-Eugenio-Luis-Juan-Jose Bonaparte.


There are free guided tours available to visitors from Monday to Friday. Call 946-083-537 for reservations.

The exterior facade of the building.


The main staircase has big sculptures by the walls. This figure represents industry and was created by Joaquin Lucarini in white stone.


The walls are decorated with ceramic style with this design.


Above the main staircase is this stained glass window made by Antonio Rigalt, following the painting of Anselmo de Guinea. The main character is a lady who represents Bizkaia, under the tree of Gernika.


The Throne Salon was patterned after Versailles. The floor is made of marquetry and there are elegant mirrors on the walls.


One of the painted ceilings.


 This is the desk and chair of the General Deputy.