Church of San Francisco de Asis

The Church of San Francisco de Asis is located at Hurtado Ametzaga, 21. The construction of this church started in 1890 and the architect was Luis Landetxo. The Zabalburu Family was the sponsor of the church and funded it. The style is Neo-Gothic and has three naves, the middle nave being higher than the lateral naves. The church has many stained glass windows, made by a German firm in Munich. The façade is impressive and it has two towers. In the interior there is one chapel dedicated to the Eucharist and another to Jesus of Nazareth. The façade has a rose window in the center. The towers end in spires. The main doorway has an arch and inside the arch there is a tympanum on top with a Venetian mosaic which represents the death of San Francisco de Asis. Below it are the figures of saints. Between the two wooden doors there is a sculpture of San Francisco de Asis that was created by Higinio Basterra. The columns in the church have Corinthian capitals. The main altar is made of red marble from Ereño. This material is also used for the pulpit.