San Sebastian is a relatively small city, and though it does attract many thousands of visitors in the summer months, the preferred mode of transportation for many people in the city is by foot.  However, the city does offer some options for those who may not want to walk:

The city has a large number of taxis doing business there which can be hired by hailing them off of the street, at taxi stands, or at just about any hotel.  Taxis in San Sebastian are generally cheap and efficient and can be a good way to get around the city.  When hiring a taxi be sure that it is authorized by the government and displays an official card.  Official taxis have set prices for beginning rates and distances traveled.

Bus service is also available in San Sebastian.  The routes are mainly concentrated in the downtown area, and the buses are considered to be fast, clean, and efficient.  A one-way bus ride costs 1,40 Euro. Various passes are available which reduce the cost. Buses on the city network run frequently, seven days a week. Some routes run all night in summer and aroudn major festivals. Excellent timteables and maps are posted at all bus stops.

 City bus website :

Schedule and rate cards can be obtained at most hotels and local shops.

Several bus companies provide service to the more distant suburbs in a consortium called Lurraldebus - website(only in Spanish)

There are also two local train services. RENFE - the state railway operates a local service between Irún and Brinkola through the city. Trains run about every 30/40 minutes except on Sundays when they run about once an hour. Details at

In addition there are the trains of Euskotren which run from Hendaye and Irún** then through the city (Amara station) to Lasarte every 15/30 minutes, every day. Other trains of the same company run from the city centre Amara station westwards towards Bilbao, through the nearby coastal towns of Zarautz, Zumaia and Beba. Train times and more information at

 ** the Euskotren station in Irún is about 5 minutes walk from the main RENFE station.  In Hendaye the two stations are adjacent. In Donostia/San Sebastian the RENFE and Euskotren stations are about 500 metres apart, either side of the river. Local buses link the two.

As of August 2011 information is available only in the Euskara (Basque) language and Spanish.  Fares are extremely cheap - if you have nearly three hours to spare,  ride all the way to Bilbao for 5 Euros. (The bus service is much, much quicker!)

 Note - almost every citizen and piece of published information refers to San Sebastian by its Euskara name of DONOSTIA.