When you arrive at the airport of Ibiza (Ibiza International Airport) [IBZ], which is located 7.5 kilometres from Ibiza town, the easiest transportation you can choose is a taxi. You will find the taxi rank directly outside of the terminal. Taxis are 24 hours a day available at the airport. So even if you arrive late you can always get a taxi.  

Current costs for a taxi: taxis in Ibiza charge day tariff (07:00 to 21:00) and a night tariff (21:00 to 07:00). The costs, approximately, to take a taxi from the airport to Ibiza town are € 15 (daily rate) and € 17 (night). They charge a 3.25 euro pre charge to take a taxi at the taxi rank, a pre booking cost 1,20€. Once driving they charge 0.90 € per km. during the day and 1,20€ during the night. The Airport supplement 1,65€. Waiting supplement is 18 euros and an extra supplement occur on bank holidays!  

There are not many cabs on the island.  So renting a car is a good and viable option but plan on have a sober driver if doing when you go clubbing.  

If you want to discover more of the island, then you may want to rent a car. Booking a car online gives you much better prices normally and you will find the rental car companies immediately outside the terminal. If you leave the terminal, walk to the left and you will find within a short walk the car rental building. Most of the major rental car suppliers are at Ibiza airport :  




Of course you can also reach the island by ferry from Dénia on the mainland. The ferry company Balearia has a daily service to and from the island. At the port it's also possible to take a taxi or rent a car.  

There are a few car rental brokers who search for you the best offer. Anexample is:- Britishcarhire  ,they provide cars at Ibiza airport, towns and Denia ferry port locations.  

When driving from Ibiza Airport head to the highway (Autopista) PM-803 that goes from Ibiza town to Sant Antoni. To reach the airport from Ibiza City Centre and Sant Antoni just follow the signs to the airport ("Aeropuerto").  

The average speed on the island is 60 km / h. There are parts where 100 km / h is allowed but just a very few. These highways are just a few kilometres long. 

Be aware when driving on the highway you will encounter speed cameras between Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town, and on the highway from San Antonio to Ibiza City.  

A fine for speeding in Spain has become much more expensive in the last few years. Fines can be up to 600 euros and there and points can be withheld on your driving license and in addition, the police can confiscate your car if you don't want or can pay your traffic fine.  

The maximum permitted alcohol level is 0.5. Driving without a seatbelt and calling whilst driving is not allowed and will be penalised.