With the ancient history of Majorca, it should come as no surprise that the island provides stunning examples of architectural buildings from various periods of power. Roman, gothic, Italian, Renaissance, and Spanish designs are a few of the major architectural styles to be found in Majorca.

The cathedral, or Le Seu, is probably the most notable landmark of the capital city, Palma. The cathedral was started in the 14th century and finished in the 19th. Renowned designer Antoni Gaudi, finished the cathedral's stunning interior in the 20th century. A good amount of time can be passed here alone, admiring the amazing intricate details of the entire structure, interior and exterior.

The Palau de l' Almudaina is the island's "royal palace" which was constructed by Muslims. The gardens are a fantastic tribute to Moorish landscape design.

La Lonja is a great example of Gothic design and today is an art museum. Behind La Lonja is El Puig de San Pere is an old quarter of town that provides a beautiful stroll. Check out Iglesia de Santa Cruz for a viewing of a 13th century crypt.

Whether or not you're an archtictural expert, walking through villages and the capital city of Palma, is like a playground of the past. Each building holds onto its original character with pride and the city's people will be glad to give you their input to their favorite landmarks.