Majorcans are known to be friendly people, people that bid you a "bon dia!" when walking in a bar and people that tourists find approachable and helpful. The culture of the island is quite social and the influx of tourists since the 1950s is steadily on the rise adding to the need for hospitality. The historical past of the island is still very much in tact however. Just like their Catalan language which was at one point of their history, banned, has perservered, so have many of the ancient buildings and cathedrals.

Historically, artists have come to Majorca as a sort of refuge. The centuries of artists living on the island results in deeply rich and layered varieties of artistic culture full of music, art, and beautiful architecture. Artists like Chopin, Ruben Dario, and Joan Miro, all were inspired on this beautiful Spanish island. The arts are valued by the people. Ballet, orchestra, and galleries all outputs for music are supported.

The charisma and hub of artistic life along with the weather of the Mediterranean have made Majorca a resort and a sort of party island, although not as much so as neighboring Ibiza. But along with Ibiza, Europeans also favor this island for spring-break type getaways.

Cuisine is a cultural highlight as well. Similar to Spain, Italy, and France, cheese and wine an important part of a meal and one's spirit. A spirit of Europe, a spirit of a rocky past, and a spirit of a happy present, make Majorca a tourist favorite.