Safety in resorts - beware of fruit sellers on the beaches, they will try to give you free samples, don't be tempted they will always con you. Also, they sell drinks in cans. People sometimes give them a 20 euro note for a slice of melon and they just walk off and you get no change. If you try to go after them you will end up being confronted by some very big men, so beware.

In Palma, some resort flower sellers usually try to put carnations in children's hair and ask for a euro. Just firmly say no and walk away. There are pick pocket accomplices, before you know it you will have been robbed. Also in a resort, if at night you are in a quiet area just beware of young lads who walk just behind you, then when you reach a side street they snatch your bag and are gone. They will do this even if other people are around, and ladies always carry your handbag on your shoulder away from the road. Youths on mopeds ride by and grab your bag off your shoulder.

There is now a scam going on in resorts, where you will be offered a scratch card and you will always win, then to get your prize they ask you to visit a hotel or development. They will say to you even if you don't want to buy a time share just come along for your free prize, but they get paid on the number of people who turn up. When they get you there it's a long process of grinding you down. Some people even being kept there for over 6 hours on the promise of a free tv. Always think if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. No one is going to give you things free.

When walking around in resort take extra care crossing the road even at zebra crossings. Cars don't always stop for you so take care.

Tap water is best not drunk unless boiled first. Bottled water can be bought very cheaply in 1 gallon containers.

Beware in markets of con men and pickpockets even cutting holes in rucksacks and unfastening bum bags. Do not get involved in the "find the ball" game as it is a con to pick your pocket.