Being such a small island, Lanzarote’s performance opportunities are few, but the ones that do exist are astonishingly unique. Where else could you listen to a festival of music inside a volcanic “bubble”? You’d have to go to La Cueva de los Verdes, a circular cave carved out by lava inside Lanzarote’s record-long network of tunnels created by the eruption of the volcano Corona. Every year for the past 15 years, the cave has been converted into a concert hall and auditorium for the Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote, which usually takes place sometime in the fall. Avant-garde performing artists gather underground and play music while images are projected on the screens behind them. The cave has been equipped with a stage quality lighting and sound system, and its underground nature makes the acoustics ideal for performances.
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Another opportunity to witness musical, dramatic and dance performances arises at Lanzarote’s yearly religious festivals. The Fiesta of the Virgin de los Dolores, which falls on September 15, celebrates the legends and folklore of Lanzarote’s native people as well as the Christian traditions that have long been incorporated into their society. The Fiesta includes parades, rhythmic marching routines, and theatrical reenactments.