A common question on Tripadvisor's Tenerife Forum is what dates to holidays so they will coincide with the Tenerife Carnaval. As the Carnaval is always linked to Easter the dates are moveable – below is a schedule so you can organise your trips.

The Wednesday BEFORE Shrove Tuesday:
Election of the Carnaval Queen. This event is a huge evening gala.

The Friday BEFORE Shrove Tuesday:
Once it has it's Queen, Santa Cruz Carnaval takes to the streets on the Friday evening, with the Cabalgata Anunciadora, followed by the obligatory fireworks.

Shrove Tuesday
The Main Parade in Santa Cruz (the Avenida de Anaga and Marítima), from around 4pm and ends in a fantastic firework display at around 9pm.

Ash Wednesday:
Burial of the Sardine. This takes place in both Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz on the same night. Men dress up as "Widows" to mourn the poor old sardine and generally party the night away.

The Friday AFTER Shrove Tuesday: The unmissable Mascarita Ponte Tacón, known in English as the High Heels Drag Marathon, in Puerto de la Cruz.

The Saturday AFTER Shrove Tuesday:
Junior Parade in Santa Cruz and also the day of the Main Carnaval Parade in Puerto de la Cruz.

The Sunday AFTER Shrove Tuesday:
Sunday morning is the Gran Concurso en la Ciudad de Automóviles Antiguos from the Calle La Noria in the old part of Santa Cruz.


YEARSanta Cruz 
Main Parade
Burial of the SardinePuerto de la Cruz Parade

2016Feb 09Feb 10Feb 13
2017Feb 28Mar 01Mar 04
2018Feb 13Feb 14Feb 17
2019Mar 05Mar 06Mar 09
2020Feb 25Feb 26Feb 29
2021Feb 16Feb 17Feb 20
2022Mar 01Mar 02Mar 05
2023Feb 21Feb 22Feb 25
2024Feb 13Feb 14Feb 17
2025Mar 04Mar 05Mar 08


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