You need to be careful when you buy cameras, watches or similar goods. Fakes are common particularly in the markets, from the looky looky men or from the small tourist type shops.  If you are getting an unbelievable bargain then common sense tells you it will not be the real thing.  However if you buy from a reputable dealer you will always get a guarantee and the genuine article.  In the south of Tenerife you should buy cameras, DVD players, MP3 etc. from either Maya or one of the shops advertising they are main dealers for a well known brand e.g. Sony.

Also be careful when purchasing perfumes, again these are plentiful on market stalls or in the cheap tourist shops and fakes are common. The genuine products can be more expensive than in the UK. 

Sunglasses are on sale everywhere particularly from the street traders but again if you buy from the Brand Retailer you will make savings for example a pair of RayBan Wayfarer cost approx £65 in the UK and are €70 (approx £56) and Dior Aventura cost £110 in the UK and €110 (£90) in Tenerife.

Common sense says if someone is selling cheap designer products from a cardboard box, market stall or sovenier shop they are not going to be genuine, but there is a market for this type of  'knock-off'.  You pay your money and you make your choice.

If you think you have been "ripped off"  then providing you have time and are not about to leave (never do your shopping on the last day) you can take the following steps.

If you are still on the island your first point of call should be to the trader themselves you should ask for a complaint sheet “Hoja de Reclamaciones” There is a legal requirement for all establishments to have these. They are carbonised forms made up of a white copy (for the authorities), a pink copy (for the establishment) and a green copy (for the person making the complaint). The establishment must fill in their identification details.

You may also make a complaint in person to the appropriate consumer (See OMIC details below)

According to the Canarian government’s own website, there are Oficinas Municipales de Informacion al Consumidor (Municipal Consumer Information Offices), which handle reclamations, at all the following addresses

This is a website set up to address unfair trading practises across Europe. It is an interesting site and includes examples of misleading advertising and a black list of unfair commercial practices one of which is: Traders who bait with one product and switch to promoting another. This is one of the ruses commonly used by cowboy camera salesmen in the Canaries.

European Consumer Centre in Spain ……ayuda_en.asp their remit is specifically to aid non-Spanish nationals who have had their consumer rights violated in Spain. In other words, if you are a Brit who was sold a pig in a poke in Tenerife – they are there to help you! They - advise consumers on their consumer rights, act as mediators in cross-border complaints and claims and provide information and promote EU and national legislation and case law

Another option is to contact The Tenerife Tourist Office who can give you all the information is their offices across the island.  Or speak to the manager of your resort, who may help you ......

There is no need to be "Ripped Off" in Tenerife.