Titsa operates the only public bus service in Tenerife. It carries over 60 million travellers a year, has a fleet of approximate 600 vehicles. Offers the tourist a better way to see the island without the expense of hiring a car, so it helps environmentally by cutting carbon dioxide. The bus service on the island is quite good but time consuming.

This is the link for the Titsa home page 



Some Buses have facilities for the disabled , look out for a number near the bottom of the time table  page , for the bus number 111 it is (4)  ( this one,  week days only )   for the 343   it is (2)  

 At the  number Look out for phrases like >>>

>>>> Días laborables viajes realizados con vehículo adaptado para personas con movilidad reducida.<<<< Which translated is >>>> Workdays travel undertaken with vehicle adapted for persons with reduced mobility <<<<

Titsa doesn't translate the variations of buses into English , but if you are in doubt just put the phrase you think applies into "google translate"..