The Lago de Martianez is a great place to spend a hot day in Puerto de la Cruz. Costing only 3 euros per adult and child over 12 years, and about 1.80 euros for a child, to get in to all the pools, of which there are about 8, including kids pools, and a spa treatment pool for over 18's only.

There are waterfalls, caves to swim through and a giant fountain spurting water out to an incredible height and into a huge swimming area. The water is warm, and is seawater, filled via the sea (which is just over the wall) as the level raises and falls with the tide. It is all extremely clean, and you can hire sunbeds and sunshades for a little extra cost (and there are plenty).

There are places to buy meals, and icecreams, and a bar, which is on an island in the middle of another large pool, made to look like a ship. There are pool showers to wash off the salt water, and shady spots to get out of the midday sun, it is beautifully landscaped, and there are sculptures throughout the grounds. It is right on the sea front in the newer part of PDC.

The toddler area has a lovely calf deep pool and a large red sculpture to climb on and through, slide down and explore. Most of the pools though are OK for children with an adult, as they don't seem to be too deep.

The floor is set with small pebbles so can be semi difficult to walk on, especially when it is hot. Wear flip flops, or, slip on pool shoes to walk from one area to another, you can just leave them at the side of the pools whilst you swim.

Be aware that you are not allowed to take cooler bags/boxes in with you. You are also not allowed balls, and snorkling masks and flippers.

The huge waterfountain seems to be switched off from mid afternoon. It is definitely worth going whilst it is in full flow.

The place closes about 6pm.