When the city was first founded, Puerto de la Cruz was known as Puerto de la Orotava. This was back in the beginning of the 17th Century. As the town grew, a large harbor was built and the trade and commerce in the area began to flourish. The area soon became an important trading spot for wine and sugar, and this attracted many entrepenuers and businessmen. Today, however, the city relies mostly on its tourism for economic stability. There are only about 35,000 locals who live in the city year-round, but there is a constant flux of visitors coming and going, which makes the town seem much larger than it really is. Puerto de la Cruz has changed loyalties throughout its existence a few times, but it is now under sovereignty of Spain, although it acts as its own entity in many matters. The city is an important spot for tourism for Spain, and the revenue that is generated each year helps keep not only the Canary Islands going, but Spain as well.