Santa Cruz de Tenerife obeys the climactic conditions of the greater Canary country that contains it, and thus the city is quite the winter getaway.  Airfare is expensive between December and February for this very reason, and May and October also experience a good deal of tourist traffic.  Daily average temperatures are relatively consistent and paradise-like through the course of the year, as lows are generally in the bottom sixties, with highs ranging up into the mid-seventies.

Aside from beautiful climes year-round, the Canaries , and its Santa Cruz de Tenerife, enjoy numerous festivities that draw tourists to the country during different months.  The February Carnivals are very popular in Tenerife, and the Music Festival of the Canary Islands is an annual, internationally-acclaimed classical celebration pulling in music lovers who are also seeking relaxation from all over the world.

In the fall, the Tenerife Association of Friends of the Opera puts on a brief Opera Season to complement its orchestral counter and best fill out the country’s classical scene.

That said, consider which you would prefer, fewer tourists or the absence of winter weather—it’s the beaches and breezes that bring the people, at least more so than any calendar of cultural events.