Cars have been traversing Santa Cruz de Tenerife city streets practically since they were invented, as the Canaries initiated auto transport in 1909.  Navigating the highways is a simple enough task, and rental cars can be nabbed at airports or from hotels, delivered to the latter without an additional surcharge so long as the reservation is made during certain hours.

The public transportation system of Santa Cruz is TITSA , which employs nearly 1500 and moves over fifty million travelers every year.  A reliable service, its website is not half-bad, and it offers plenty of contact numbers so as to enable you to plan your trip in advance, and cheaply.  Check TITSA online for schedules, fares, maps, and other practical information as regards Tenerife transport.

Taxis are easy enough to reserve from anywhere on the island, and bike and motorcycle rental are also popular alternatives.

Finally, there are also your own feet, which are great for beaches and nearby shops.