There are plenty of bars and clubs in Santander to keep travelers entertained during their vacation in the area.  However, the most popular thing to do is head to the Gran Casino del Sardinero which is located in the Italian Plaza.  It opens at five in the evening for travelers who want to get started early and it stays open until four in the morning for those visitors who want to keep the action going all throughout the night.  It offers slot machines, gaming tables and live entertainment so visitors will find that there is plenty to do there if they just want to stay at one location.

Located close to the casino is the Lisboa, a local bar and restaurant which is popular among Gran Casino visitors but also among locals and travelers who have not spent time at the casino.  It is frequently enjoyed by visitors who want to get a drink with their evening meal.  Also right at Casino is Yesterdays, which stays open later than most and many wait staff show up after work.

Another location enjoyed by both locals and travelers is the Santa Fe Bar ( ).   There are also a number of small bars located within the Mercado del Este.   Visitors who are interested in bar hopping will find that the downtown area is probably the best place to go in search of local nightlife.

During the winter months the Sardinero area is very quite and many places close up.  The old Celtic Tavern has closed and reopened under new management as a Blues bar a bit more up-scale.  For late night with a  mix of locals and travelers head to Plaza Canadio with several bars sharing outdoor seating.  Night life gets going at midnight and doesn't stop until 6AM.