Summer is the time to enjoy Santander, in part because of the beautiful weather there but also because a number of the special events taking place there occur during the summer.

Travelers come from all around the world to visit Santander’s music and dance festival which takes place each August.  Known as the Festival Internacional de Santander (, this month long festival includes performing arts events like the famous La Traviata opera and also includes live events of all kinds from local performers.

Another summer festival is the Artesande festival, a visual arts festival which begins in July and continues for approximately the same length of time as the Festival Internacional de Santander.  It includes a range of exhibits through which travelers can experience the local art being created in the area today.

Around the same time, there is a piano festival which has been going on in the area for over thirty years.  Called the Concurso Internacional de Piano Ciudad de Santander, this festival is recognized internationally in the music world.

In addition to performing arts events in Santander, the summer also sees religious celebrations.   Most important is the celebration of the patron saint of Spain, St. James.