Archbishop Fonseca College

Don Alfonso de Fonseca was the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela and Toledo and he was the one who had this edifice built in 1538. His architect was Diego de Siloe. The courtyard has two galleries, the lower one with semicircular arches and the upper floor with low arches. There are medallions to decorate both floors, being the work of Juan de Alava and Pedro de Ibarra. The main facade has sculptures of San Agustin and San Ildefonso. The chapel has an altarpiece made up of paintings and sculptures of Alonso de Berruguete. The courtyard is outstanding and is a jewel of the Spanish Renaissance. It was designed by Diego de Siloe and constructed by Pedro de Ibarra. It has two galleries of arches that are crowned with a cornice with pinnacles. There are beautiful balustrades and medallions that have male and female effigies in the arches. Today the building houses a residence of the university.