Bus From Guiomar Train Station


There is a No. 11 bus from the Guiomar Renfe Train Station that goes to the Roman Aqueduct downtown about 15 minutes after the train from Madrid arrives. The bus is coordinated with the arrival of the train. The bus trip takes 20 minutes. The cost of this bus is 1 euro.


From Monday to Friday, Bus No. 11 leaves the Roman Aqueduct for the Guiomar Train Station starting at 06:30H. There is a bus every 20 minutes. The last bus leaves at 21:40H.

On Saturday this bus leaves starting at 7:35H and the last bus is at 20:00H.

On Sunday this bus leaves starting at 20:40H and the last bus is at 21:40H.


A taxi from the train station to the Roman Aqueduct will cost 8 to 10 euros.


(Prices as of July 2, 2013)