Barcelona is similar to the rest of Spain in expecting families to be and eat together, even late at night, and even if there are small children. So you will find most restaurants very welcoming.  Local children are used to dining at a table and are in general very well behaved and patient. There are lots of restaurants next to children's outdoor play areas - slides, swings etc. So if your children are not used to sitting still at a table during mealtimes, these are a good option. Carrer de l'Almirall Cervera, Barceloneta, just behind the beach; and the square Plaça de Vicenç Martorell just off La Rambla at the Plaça Catalunya end are two good examples. There are also lots of good restaurants along the beach between Barceloneta and Port Olímpic where you can keep an eye on children playing on the beach whilst you dine.

Other suggestions:

  • BIOasis is a casual vegetarian restaurant located at c/Bonsuccés 8 (just off La Rambla, near Plaça Catalunya). The menu del dia is 12 Euros for the 3-course meal including wine/beer. While there is no child's menu, they have pizzas and smoothies. They will also give markers and paper for colouring. There is a playground nearby.
  • Another good choice for families is Buenas Migas. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch and dinner they have focaccia, pasta and quiche as well as desserts. They have several locations in the city, including one in Plaça Bonsuccés.
  • Mescladis at Plaça Sant Pere 5 is a small family-friendly cafe. They are run somewhat like a social enterprise to support cultural dialogue and understanding between immigrant groups within the city. They do good breakfasts (3 Euros) and lunches (5.60 Euros). They have a play kitchen for kids in the front.
  • La Locanda is an excellent and friendly Italian restaurant. They also do takeaways.
  • The 24 hour drive through MacDonalds at Port Olímpic has a popular outdoor children's play area.
  • Inside the Icaria shopping centre at Vila Olímpica (behind Port Olímpic) there are lost of restaurant choices for every palate and budget. There are several coin operated, sit -in toy cars etc for entertaining little ones and lots of flat low marble walls giving a great play space for action figures, toy cars etc if you have them in your pocket! It is also air-conditioned. The cinema has films in original language and there is a large outdoor play area and table tennis tables between the centre and the beach for post food playing.
  • Another Italian for all the family, Al Passatore, at Moll de Gregal, 25. Port Olímpic, also at Plaça Antonio López 6.