Though bagpipes are associated to the traditions of Scotland they are found in many European counties. It is said that the Gaita was popular by the 15th century. However it suffered a decline around the 19th century. Then, around the 1970s, the Giatas saw another rebirth. That is true right through today. Famous names associated with the Gaitas include Carlos Núñez. Other traditional instruments include; snare-drums known as tamboril and the bombo, which is a kind of bass drum. Galician bagpipes come in three main varieties, though there are exceptions and unique instruments. These include the tumbal, grileira and redonda.

Tunes using the gaita are usually songs, with the voice either accompanying the instrumentation or taking turns with it. The most common type is the muiñeira , found in both Asturias and Galicia. Other Galician tunes use different steps; they include the carballesa, ribeirana , redonda, chouteira and contrapaso. The oldest and best-known form of Galician music is the alalá, a form of chanting. Dances Baile is the term for social dances. You will find all of the above at a local fiesta.