Picasso House Museum

The Picasso House Museum is located at Payo Gomez, 14. In 1891 Pablo Picasso’s family moved to La Coruña, where Picasso’s father became a teacher at the School of Fine Arts. Pablo was 10 years old at that time. It is said that Pablo fell in love for the first time when he lived here. They occupied the apartment for about four years. In 1895 Pablo’s younger sister Conchita died of diphtheria in the apartment, causing Pablo much grief. After that, his family decided to move to Barcelona, where his father had found another teaching job.


The house museum shows period furniture of that time. One can see the small bedroom of Pablo and the other one of Conchita. There is a small kitchen and a bathroom, among other rooms of the house. The house is really an apartment on the second floor of the building.  One can get the feeling of how Picasso’s family lived when they were there.