Gibraltar's casino relocated from the iconic Rock Hotel to the stylish Ocean Village Marina and it sits perfectly between the swish yachts and restaurants that adorn Gib's evening entertainment centre by the water.

This is a casino for everyone with low stake roulette tables and slot machines starting at 1p or you can try to be a high roller and win enough to buy a yacht at a poker tournament. 

For those who prefer to play with the crowd, you can join the nightly Bingo sessions with additional afternoon games at weekends. Between games you can join the wave of punters who swarm to the numerous slots that can churn out clattering sounds of cascading coins to those who spin the matching wheels.

Even if you are not interesting in a flutter, the Restaurant is popular with their special offers and good standard of food that matches the surroundings. 

Gib's casino matches its surrounds with the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere you experience walking down Main Street or in a local bar. The people are friendly and you can place your 50p bet on a roulette wheel standing next to someone wagering £50. They will talk to you, congratulate you when you win and you can imagine which of the yachts they will be going back to after they blow their massive wad.