The Most Useful Spanish Phrases

The visitor to Spain needs to know just a few Spanish phrases to get around because there are bilingual people in most tourist places. Of course the more the visitor knows, the better. But these phrases are useful and show the Spaniard you are talking to that you are making an effort, which the Spaniard will appreciate.



Thank you

Excuse me!



Good morning.

Good afternoon.

Good evening.


Where is the bathroom? 

Where is the metro station?

How much does this cost?


I want to drink tap water. 

I want a beer.

I want a glass of white wine.

I want a glass of red wine.




¡ Perdon!

Por favor.

¡ Hola!

Buenos dias.

Buenas tardes.

Buenas noches.

¡ Adios! (or "hasta luego").

¿ Donde esta el baño?

¿ Donde esta el metro?

¿ Cuanto cuesta?

 ¡ Ayudame!

 Quiero beber agua del grifo.

 Quiero una cerveza.

Quiero una copa de vino blanco.

Quiero una copa de vino tinto.



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