TAPAS recommendations for central Madrid.

There are hundreds of Tapas bars in Madrid and many continue the tradition of giving free Tapas.

To keep it simple  Tapas is a small plate of usually tasty food that can be purchased or in many Spanish bars given free with the purchase of an alcoholic drink. It is generally believed this tradition began in the Granada region of Spain which  spread across the country with many bars trying to entice custom by outdoing each other with better and bigger Tapas. 

Don’t be put off trying these bars, it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish, remember eye contact, smile and say hello 'HOLA' take your place or seat at the bar order your drink and your halfway there, within a few moments you will normally be presented with a free Tapa the choice is usually determined by the bar, but some occasionally offer a choice, at which you can smile and point.

The bars listed below all are within easy walking distance of Puerto del Sol they have put them in a easy to follow route commencing junction Puerto del Sol and Calle Mayor. Also a further two wildcards if you get the time or are nearby them.

Remember there are hundreds of bars in the centre of Madrid so be adventurous and visit some that take your fancy. Remember the best ones are frequented by locals and will usually be busy, just squeeze in smile and you will find a space at the bar.

1. Restaurante José Luis

Calle Serrano, 89. Madrid, 28006

Tel: 915-630-958


2. Restaurante Jose Luis

Rafael Salgado, 11

Tel: 914-575-036

 3. Naviego

Calle Mayor, 18

Tel: 913-653-483

4. Mesón Gregorio III

Calle Bordadores, 5

Tel: 915-425-956


5. La Panera

Calle del Arenal, 19

Tel: 915-429-220

6. El Escarpin

Calle de las Hileras, 17

 Tel: 915-599-957

7. Mareas Vivas

Calle de Veneras, 3

8. Matador

Calle de la Cruz, 39

Tel: 915-223-595


9. El Rincón Abulense

Calle del Caballero de Gracia, 18

Tel: 913-666-438

10. Rincón de Roque

Calle de San Martín, 3

Tel: 915-231-463


The bars listed above are all within a easy walk of each other and provide a nice introduction into Tapas trails.