Valencia is a big city and to see most of its sights, it is best to stay there at least 3 nights. For those who do not have time, one can get a taste of Valencia by doing a day trip from Madrid. The AVE has recently connected Madrid to Valencia and one can reach Valencia from Madrid in 1hour and 40 minutes, which is the limit for day trips. The AVE station in Valencia is the Joaquin Sorolla Station, which is 1.2 km away from the old and beautiful Nord Station. A shuttle bus connects both and if one arrives at the Joaquin Sorolla Station, one just needs to show one’s AVE ticket to get to the other station for free.

There is an AVE that leaves Madrid for Valencia at 8:40 H, reaching Valencia at 10:18 H. Returning AVEs to Madrid are at 18:10H and 19:10H. Read Buying Renfe Tickets Online.

There are three choices for the traveler to go to:

1. The Old City – Sights are the Cathedral, the Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless (beside the Cathedral), the Lonja, the Central Market, Santos Juanes Church, Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas,   the Patriarch Museum, and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The Ayuntamiento has the Museo Historico Municipal, which is free. To save time, take a taxi from the AVE station to the Cathedral. Check the top questions in the Valencia forum for a description of each of these sights.

2. The City of Arts and Sciences – This is a one day affair because there is a lot to see. The buildings were made by the famous architect from Valencia Santiago Calatrava, are all white, and are spectacular buildings that one will want to photograph. The best place in the complex to visit is the L'Oceanografic , which .became the largest aquarium in Europe when it was inaugurated in 2002. This great aquarium has exhibits that come from all over the world and represent the major oceans and seas.

The Prince Felipe Science Museum is the science building, a huge white structure surrounded by two reflecting pools of water. This houses a very wide range of interesting subjects. The science museum is interactive and shows the contributions of science and technology in improving daily life.

Next there is an Imax theater, where movies are shown. This building is white and is in the middle of a very wide reflecting pool. There are eating places all over the place, and one of them is an expensive restaurant, the Underwater Restaurant, where one can see the fish swimming by.

The City of Arts and Sciences is just outside the old city, so it is best to take a taxi to save time.

3. The Bioparc - The Bioparc uses the zoo-immersion process, where visitors can see animals in their natural habitats and there are no cages at all. The barriers between visitors and animals are hidden. The park is very big, with about 100,000 square meters of area, making it one of the largest animal parks in Spain. There are three areas, namely the Savannah, Madagascar and Equatorial Africa. Because the habitats are so natural, one really feels like one is in Africa and seeing the animals roam freely within each habitat. One can start at the entrance and go to the right and follow the paved paths and go in a big circle and end up seeing everything. There are signs posted everywhere so one does not get lost at all. What is very educational is that signs explaining the animals are both in Spanish and English, so the visit to the park is very entertaining and a great learning experience. What is enjoyable is seeing the leopard, the young elephants playing with each other in the water, the giraffes roaming the savannah, the rhinos taking a dust bath, the different types of deer, and the flamingos and other birds. This park is a very enjoyable park for everyone. There is a restaurant that is adjacent to the Savannah, so one can see the animals grazing while one eats. The Bioparc is quite a ways from the old city, so one should take a taxi to save time.