Madrid Gastronomic Guide


The Madrid Gastronomic Guide has this website:


On the top left corner, there are three icons of interest regarding food:

1. Restaurante – Restaurants.

2. Tabernas – For tapas places.

3. Tiendas – For stores selling food, such as chocolate.


In the Restaurant section, “Los mejores platos” is a section which specializes in different food plates. “Arroces” shows restaurants that have good paella. “Extranjeros” shows restaurants that have food by country of origin, such as China, which shows good Chinese restaurants.

In the “Tabernas” section, one can go to “Tapas por barrios” and find good tapas places in the barrio where one is staying.  

The author of the guide is an expert in food and has been to all the restaurants he names. He limits his recommendations to five restaurants so as not to confuse the reader. The good thing about the guide is that there are photographs and estimates on the cost of each place.