Pamplona is located in the Navarra region of northern Spain, an area with a high concentration of noteworthy locations in a relatively small area. This means Pamplona is the perfect hub for day trips. You can see the best of northern Spain and still make it back to your bed in Pamplona at night!
  • San Sebastian : Just 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Pamplona, San Sebastian is close to the French border, and a popular gateway destination between the two countries. Accordingly, it's filled with high-end restaurants and high-profile events like the annual International Jazz Festival. However, San Sebastian’s intimate cafés, tapas bars, and historic medieval architecture allow it to maintain a village vibe, and make it a refreshing daylong getaway.
  • Bilbao : A slightly longer trip, this one should take about 2 hours (Bilbao is 130 km, or 80 miles, from Pamplona). However, the drive will be worth it as soon as the Guggenheim museum emerges in front of your car windshield. Pictures cannot come close to representing this sublime piece of architecture: you have to see it in person to understand why this has become the symbol of Bilbao. Pubs, galleries and boutiques will help pass any time not spent staring at the museum.
  • La Rioja : Nearer to Pamplona than Bilbao, and tucked between two gentle rivers, Rioja is northern Spain’s wine region. Its vineyards produce and export many varieties of red and fruit-based wines, and many of its wineries now offer tours.