There are bars and clubs located all throughout Costa Blanca to cater to the tourists who make up the bulk of the economic industry in the area.  Many of these are located right within the resorts and hotels in which visitors are staying.  However, numerous other locations are scattered throughout the various cities of the area.  The most popular of the cities for nightlife is Benidorm, a city which offers all-night clubs and smaller drinking spots.

Some suggestions: Champions and Red Dog Western Saloon for drinking, Space and KM Disco for dancing, and Café de Benidorm or Casino Mediterraneo for live cabaret performances.  You can also rave-it up in the English Square Nightclub, Disco Bahamas

For casinos, Alicante might be a better city to head towards.  Travelers can enjoy the slot, table games and live entertainment and a wide variety of casinos in this city.  Information for those casinos can be found online. The rest of Alicante ’s nightlife scene is primarily located around the historic center of the city so visitors who just want to do some bar hopping should head there.