The weather in Costa Blanca is one of the main draws to the area; it is absolutely stunning.  The average summer temperature is in the low eighties, which means that it is warm enough to take advantage of the beaches sprinkled all throughout the area but it is not so warm that visitors are going to feel uncomfortable walking around.  During the winter months, the average temperature is in the mid-fifties.  This may be a bit cool for enjoying the water but it is excellent for taking treks throughout the local nature and even for enjoying activities on the shores of the beaches.

One thing visitors should know is that temperatures can vary significantly in different parts of this region.  In some areas, it may get as hot as one hundred degrees during the summer months, but visitors can navigate between towns to make themselves comfortable in the more moderate temperatures located elsewhere.  The same is true during winter, when the mountainous areas may be colder than the flat lands by the beach.

Perhaps even more idyllic than the temperature itself is the fact that the sun is almost always shining in this part of the world.   Summer is known for being particularly dry and people frequently head to the area during the months of May through October.   See for additional information.