Blanket Trips

A great way of seeing the real Spain is to book onto one of these free trips.

Basically, you sign up with one of their street inviters (or grab a brochure that they hand out so you can pick and choose) and then get on their busses at the agreed time.

The trips are completely free but firstly involve a short demonstration of the blankets, beds and bedding that they offer at their demo rooms before you then head off to your destination. Its not like the timeshare demos! The demos are quite interesting but some people use it as a chance to catch up with some kip!

The trips are locally based and take in points of interest, one of the trips is to Valencia which is a great city with excellent shopping. Others are to the waterfalls and Alicante

Companies that offer these are Green Tour, Toscana and PAL. The street inviters tend to be in the new town: they can be seen near the indoor market and outside the Sol Pelicanos.

Take advantage of these for the free trips - why pay your tour operator €30 + for their excursions......