Visitors have numerous options for getting to Matera , which include by air, road or rail. 

            The two easiest ways of flying into Italy en route to Matera , are by landing at either:

·        The Naples International Airport, which is located just outside of the city of Naples , about 100 miles northwest of Matera

·      The Bari International Airport, which is located about 75 miles east of Matera

            Train and bus routes are available from either of these airports into the Basilicata region of Italy .  Traveling by train or coach throughout Italy in general is an efficient way of getting around.  There are both regional and national bus routes available into and out-of Matera .  There are many options for train travel to the region of Basilicata .  For more information, check out this Buses and Trains to Matera page. 

            Driving to the Matera from within Italy can also be a great way to see the country.  However, first time visitors should check out this Driving in Italy page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.  There are plenty of international car rental agencies throughout the country. 

            For more information about getting to the Basilicata Region of southern Italy , visit this Getting There page.