Please learn some Italian to make your way trough the city. Even if younger generations speak English because of internet and music, the majority DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Be prepared to go through all the writing (shops, cafes, restaurant) in Italian. Only some restaurants have English translations.. it might be the time to learn!! Reggio is unique in people and young people habits. All people do the same things at the same time of the day. If you want to lead your life during your time here in a different way, you will find yourself alone or...different! For example: most of the people work half day, or in two separate halves of the day. All day opening, for shops doesn't exist! Don't go around at 1:00pm because... there's no one there! Everyone is in his house having lunch. For many lunch is the main meal of the day, to have with family in an intimate relaxed atmosphere, so if anyone invites you for lunch, he/she really considers you a friend! After lunch everything is dead for about two hours, althought it might be more lively in the summer. Summer is very hot, so shopt don't open until 4:30pm, and it looks quite reasonable, you'll see! Anyway you can shop until 8:00pm, or 8:30pm, and starting from 9:00 in the morning. Most of people go to work at about 8:00am.

People are very curious about strangers. If you are with young groups of people they might come to talk to you, to know something more, where are you from, etc. Men (as everywhere) are very interested in foreign women, expecially if they look fair and blonde, of course different. They might ask " Scusa, ti posso conoscere?" which is a very funny thing only typical of Reggio City that you'll not find anywhere else. It literally means: "Hi, is it possible to meet you?" They are asking to meet you, that in other words means to get to know, and generally they want to know your name, where you are from, if you are free for a walk later.... etc. Of course they might like your company, but if you get the chance to go along with them you will see they are never rude or offending, quite romantic, and you can manage to say no and go away at the end... your choice! Anyway these men might be not the most literate, the more "upper level" people tend to go together and group closely.

Although modern times are everywhere the same, most of the girl of Reggio Calabria city are educated to have modest entertainment with men, and under the knowledge of their parents until you get married. This doesn't mean that you cannot see a girl, but it means that they tend to be less available for you than in other places of Italy. Intimacy is not granted at all, if girls come from a decent family they are "Ideally" waiting for a man who loves them to get married. Calabrese peple take a while before they trust you, but... once they do, they'll love you forever. You will notice that even in streets and discos girls are quite fully dressed! They like to dress up, but also to be dressed, not naked, you need to discover! This comes from an ancient culture of loveliness for the family and natural things, that asks to women to be women, clever, sweet, well educated, and useful for those they love. They tend to be quite curvy, not very tall, and they all can cook! They might look bad at you if you are rude or ask too much, but that is a very general statement.