Like many touristy destinations in Italy, Amalfi has a number of restaurants which produce very "stock standard" fare.  A huge exception to this is La Caravellaon the Via Matteo.  This is a truly exceptional up-market restaurant in the heart of Amalfi serving local delicacies in a very charming semi-formal setting. This place is certainly not cheap but considering the quality of the food and service, you will be happy to pay a little more for something exceptional.  If you're looking for seafood, Al Pesce d'Oro and La Gemma are some options.

Along the Amalfi Coast,  east of the town of Maori,  there is Capo d'Orso Restaurant  which has received a Michelin Star.  Situated along a cliff for a great view of course, it's food and presentation were the best part of a superior dining experience, anywhere! 

For a change in scenery along with an amazing dinner, take a walk along the coastal road to Atrani - the Osteria Da Luisellaon Piazza Umberto (the main town square) serves amazing fresh dishes, all prepered right in front of your eyes, if you happen to sit at one of the tables that are close to the windows peeking into the tiny kitchen. Great service

A new resturant  opened in late march 2008 in the Piazza Duomo in Amalfi. il doge ristorante , food and quality of service are great. Its a must try.