If you’re looking to head to nearby Naples, Pompeii or Heculaneum the Circumvesuviana train lines will get you there. Full schedules are available on their Web site, which also provides information on places of interest and best times to travel. Additionally, there are ferries and hydrofoils that are operated by several companies, and crossing the bay to Naples can be an enjoyable trip in itself.

The public buses of Sorrento serve the city center and the surrounding areas. The Circumvesuviana buses offer four bus lines including the Line A, which runs to and from Meta daily, Line B, which runs from the Sorrento Harbor to the Sorrento Center, Line C from the Harbor to Sant’Agnello, and Line D from Sorrento Marina Grande to Sorrento Centre. Service on most lines begin at about 7:00am (Line A starts service at 5:30am to Meta, and 6:10am to Sorrento). Buses run about every 20 minutes. ( Tickets can be purchased at various points in the city, as well as on the buses. Timetables are listed on the Sorrento Tourism Information Office Web site.

Try to consult schedules prior to you trip, as many of the transportation companies offer winter schedules that differ greatly from those used in the summer. And even the one published on the Web site might not be the one actually in use.

The train system works very well although don't be surprised by the copeous amounts of graffiti, even the station signs are covered with it.

If you are planning to use the bus system to get to Positano, Amalfi, and the other coastal towns be sure to get your tickets well in advance from the bars, newsstands, etc. around town. They sometimes run out of tickets and you can't buy them on the bus for this company. There are 4 types of ticket all based on the time the journey is expected to take. Cheapest ticket (about 2euro 20) lasts for 45 minutes which means the journey must be completed within 45 minutes from time of validating. ticket 2 is for 90 minutes (3 Euro 40) ticket 3 is for 24 hours which means you can hop on and off as many times as you like for the time specified ((6 euro 80 - this is what you need as a day return ticket)  Ticket 4 is for £ days travel for 16 euros. It is also worthwhile waiting for the next bus if you are at the end of the line so you get a good seat (or a seat at all). The views from the bus along the way are spectacular, right side going out, left side coming back.

The bus up the hill from the port to the main square costs 1 euro 30 and is different from the unico costiera tickets that are used for the amalfi coastral area. they are bought from a little shop in the port before boarding the bus.