While almost impossible to actually get there, the Deep Valley of the Mills makes for an imposing site, which can be seen from above and offers a look into the city’s past. Located behind Tasso Square, which has since 1866 isolated the area from the sea, is an abandoned part of Sorrento that includes an old mill that was used since the 10th century. Visible in the valley, which is overgrown with vegetation, are some of the pre-historic caves that served as the location of some of the earliest settlements. While old ramps offer partial access to this rift, which was created by an ancient earthquake, the area is best observed from the safety of Fuorimura Street.

The name might keep you away, but the Il Museo Mineralogico Campano , or Mineralogical Museum, is actually like finding a diamond in the rough. The museum is home to 3,500 rare and precious finds from around the world including several dinosaur eggs from North America and gems from Africa. The museum is located Via S. Ciro 2, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am until 1pm, and 4pm until 7pm (October to February) and 9am until 1pm, and 5pm until 8pm (March to September). Closed on Monday, but group reservations are possible. Visits with a guide by appointment only. While in Sorrento, take a day to hike the "Valle delle Ferriere." It'll be the highlight of your trip. Don't get caught in the tourist traps. Go explore for a day. You can find an English speaking tour guide. It's a fun and adventurous five hour hike, where you eat lunch in front of a waterfall. It's a breathtaking experience with spectacular views and waterfalls. See Amalfi the way few people do. Don't hesitate to ask questions...fool4jc@aol.com