There are plenty of restaurants along the Piazza Tasso, the main square in Sorrento. Most offer traditional dishes of fresh pastas, pizzas and seafood from the area. Pizzeria Aurora is a great pizzeria along the Piazza Tasso, offering not only a wide variety of tasty oven-fired pizzas, but seafood and fresh pastas such as cannelloni and gnocchi as well. Restaurants along the Piazza Tasso tend to be a bit pricey and this place is no exception, but the food is fantastic and the service particularly friendly.

Davide has some great gelato- Via PR Giuliani.

And some call Il Buco "a gem"- Rampa Marina Piccola, 5, Phone: 081 878 2354. Beautiful surroundings - Food excellent, but not cheap. Definitely worth a visit. Just on the next corner isthe Ristorante Basilica - you won't be disappointed.


Ristorante Don Vincenzo on Piazza Tasso 4 - lovely food and service was very good but may peter off when they get busy.

 A good place for early and late drinks is the Fauno Bar also on PiazzaTasso.  It's right in the middle of the square and you can sit and watch the world go by.  As well as drinks they do a good range of foods including amazing salads and very good pastas. 

Many of these restaurants have a massive wine list that can be quite hard work trawling through.  Persevere -there, amid the high priced listings, there are quite a few reasonably priced offers.

O'Canonico is a wonderful place on in Piazza Tasso!  Quite expensive, but very good and the staff is attentive and friendly!!

 Il Pozzo in the heart of the old town is worth a visit.

On Corso Italia the Giardino is beautiful to look at and food isn't bad. However it is brought up ffrom the kitchens on metal trays and then transferred to cold china plates on a stack by the serving table. It looks impressive but the food is cold before you get it.

Also on Corso Italia there is a cheap and cheerful Pizzeria /Ice cream parlour, which also does a simple burger and chips. A great place to meet girls, if you are young enough. There is a great cake display and every passing girl in Sorrento looks in.

Searching the web there appears to be little real information on restaurants in Sorrento, hope these additions below help:

The Marina Grande has a good number of traditional beach restaurants, set by & on stilts over the sea. The setting & atmosphere is great & prices reasonable, the food isn't  cordon blur but it is tasty with plenty of choice & fresh fish from the fishing harbour. With around 10 different locations to choose from it is well worth spending an evening there.

A couple of more upmarket venue's are the Caruso (just off the main square) or L Antica Trattoria, both famous Sorrento restaurants at the top end of the price range. The Trattoria offer very good food & service, but could be judged a little over-priced as they are charging Michelin star prices without the star!!! As a guide the set menu's range from 50-90 Euros a head (excluding tax & service). A mid-range 59 Euros menu will come out around 195 Euros foir two people with wine (around 30 Euros a bottle)! Overall well worth a visit for a special occasion, it is very nice, but beware add-ons sold in (extra vegtables not really required etc) to an already high price!

Another well known guide-recommended restaurant is the O Parrucchiano, on the Corsa Italia. It is tiered with each level set in a sort of huge conservatory full of plants & flowers, the top floor is stunning with full grown lemon trees & huge flower beds. Although warm on the lower tiers it is lovely & cool in the top area, which is open to the outside (although covered). The food is good with a huge choice & the setting perfect, whilst service was both efficient & very friendly. Overall a favourite for a balance of value quality & atmosphere.