Capri visitors who wish to supplement their travel experience by reading about the area before their trips might want to check out the following books:

  • “Capri and No Longer Capri” by Raffaele La Capria.  This travel guide is for those off-the-beaten-path travelers who want to know about the oddities of the area. .
  • “Capri: Its History and its Monuments (Guidebooks to the Museums and Monuments of Italy)” by Amedeo Maiuri.  This is a rare book but visitors who can get their hands on it will have access to the best information available regarding the historical sites of the area.
  • “Greene on Capri: A Memoir” by Shirley Hazzard.  This is a story about Graham Greene but it is set on the island of Capri and will introduce readers to many of the unique characteristics of the area. .
  • “Sailing to Capri” by Elizabeth Adler is a romantic novel set in the area and sure to sweep certain readers off their feet with a love for Capri. .
  • “The Wonders of the Amalfi Coast: Capri, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento” by Paolo Rubino.  Written by a native of Naples who spent much time in Capri and the surrounding area, this travel guide is excellent for visitors wishing to enjoy Capri as well as to enjoy day trips in the area. .