Travelers should be aware that, while renting a car is a possibility in Capri, it is highly recommended not to do so.  For one thing, the rental car rates in Capri are generally much higher than rates in other travel destinations throughout the world.  The reason for this is that the government of Capri wants to strongly discourage car travel in the area.  In fact, during the busiest months of the year, the government closes down car travel to all but residents of the area, making it almost impossibly inconvenient to travel by car in the area.  That said, travelers still wishing to research car rental in the area will want to check with the airport ( ) upon arrival ( ) as several major and local car rental companies have offices located there.

Taxi service is a much better option for travelers in Capri.   In fact, taking a taxi in Capri can often feel like adding luxury to your vacation, as many of the taxis are convertible cars.   Convertible taxis are pricier than standard taxis but may be worth the splurge.   Taxis can be obtained at one of three taxi stands in Capri or hailed on the streets as they pass by.   Information about taxi fares is available at .
Water taxi ( ) is also an option for travel around Capri.   This is most often used by travelers heading to nearby destinations via the water of the area which is sometimes the fastest way of getting around.