Travelers enjoy Capri because of all that there is to do throughout the day, with beaches for relaxation, shopping for treasures and history around every corner.  However, the fun does not end when the sun goes to sleep for the night.  There is much to do in Capri in terms of nightlife.  However, visitors should know that many of the most popular spots are only open during the busy tourist season of summer and they either slow down to weekends-only or close entirely when the tourist season ends.

Some popular nightlife options include:

  • Al Piccolo Bar, located at Piazza Umberto 1
  • Anema e Core, , is a popular dance club where the party goes on all night.
  • L’Africana is located outside of Capri but is one of the most popular nightclubs in the area and is worth traveling to for visitors who are interested in having a wild time during their Capri vacation.
  • O Guarrachino, located at Via Castello 7, is a local tavern enjoyed by those who wish to just sit back and have a drink with friends.
  • Scialapopolo,, is a small kiosk where travelers can pick up a cocktail on the way to someplace else.