The museum that you should visit in Ischia is Castello Aragonese. The castle has a rich and long history that goes way back the 5th century BC when it was built by the Greek-Syracusan. The Romans who arrived in the island in 326 BC and later invaders such as Visigoths, Arabs, Normans and Angevins made their part to change the original castle. It was not until 1440 when Alphonso of Aragon rebuilt the castle that served as refuge for the people of Ischia and a defence against pirates. In the 19th century, the castle gradually lost its residents and it was transformed into a prison in 1823.

Some of the buildings dating from the 13th to the 18th century inside the castle that you shouldn't miss are: the Church of the Immaculated, the Convent of the Ciarisse, the Cathedral of the Assunta, the Cathedral's cript, the Church of San Pietro a Pantaniello, the Church of Santa Marie delle Grazie and the prison built in 1799 to incarcerate the political rebels.  There is a lift that will take the traveler to the top levels of the castle.

the Museum is open from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. The admision ticket is 10 Euros. You can check the museum's website at The introductory page has an Italian, Enlish and German version, but the rest of the site is only in Italian. You can also call the museum at 081 991959.