Want to go on a Free Tour?

You can consider the free downloadable tours offered by different websites as an independent way of orienting yourself abroad. There are some wonderful downloadable tours available for a small fee. These you can download on your Ipod and take at your own pace.  However, you may want to find your way with a tour organized by someone from the city. Someone who, unlike you, has had the time to explore its secrets and can show you the best this city has got to offer and give it context.

The only important thing is that the guide. offering a free tour. is a licensed guide;  Italy is most protected country in the world (60% of  artworks in the planet. can be found in italy) so that  to protect its cultural heritage.  italian law makes compulsory that any guide has to pass a severe exam to become a guide; whatever the tour might be. (even free) ask your guide to show his "badge" with his name , date of birth.written on it  (this badge has to be  delivered by the provincia di Roma -  Roman county); on tripadvisor you can find many companies offering free and regular tours : it s important that they declare that all their guides are licensed and even more important that during the tour they will be always showing  their "blue badge" ; in case they would not , be aware because police can stop you and the tour aswell

When you consider that it's not up to any one individual but the group as a whole to enjoy it, suddenly it becomes an event and a real pleasure to be part of. That's if you're socially and culturally capable of interacting with strangers!