The Eternal City of Rome conjures up many different images in people's heads.  Some think of the Collosseum and the many bloody battles fought within.  Others imagine the Trevi Fountain and its extravagant artistry.  More likely than not, visitors to Rome will find that it is all that they had thought it was and much more.  With thousands of years of incredible history (and the ruins to prove it), you will get lost in the Eternal City and its majesty, past and present.  Aside from being the Eternal City, Rome is a magical place.  With such vast extremes from shopping on the Via Condotti to a gelato or an espresso at a local bar to walking past the ancient ruins of the Forum or viewing the splendor of St. Peter's and all that there is to see throughout the Vatican Museums, one cannot imagine a city with so much rich history and culture for all to absorb.