By shuttle bus to Termini:

Several companies of shuttle bus (ATRAL, Terravision, SitShuttle) connect Ciampino airport and Termini station, in the centre of Rome. There is no big difference between the service and the price (some 4-6 €) of each company (see all details at belanding). If you land in Ciampino, the best option is just going to the square in front of the airport and buying the ticket of the bus which looks ready to leave. Booking the tickets of a specific company on line is not adviceable and practically never convenient for the traveller. However, if you arrive at the same time as a few other flights, you may face a wait of up to two hours regardless of whether there is a bus ready to leave or not. The queues can be long and the buses are not particularly regular, so it is up to you whether you choose this method or one of the others listed below.


shuttle bus

By shuttle bus to Anagnina or to Ciampino station:

The company ATRAL connects Ciampino airport with Termini, but also makes some connections with Anagnina via Ciampino station for 1.20 €. Anagnina is the terminus of the metro A line; from Ciampino station one can take a train to Termini.

Taking this ATRAL to Ciampino station is not particularly convenient; the station is rather far from the airport and then one would have to wait for the next train to Rome (price of the ticket, 1.50 €), with the only option of getting off at Termini. So, a shuttle bus straight from the airport to Termini is more practical.

Going to Anagnina and taking the metro A may be somehow convenient for those who don't need to arrive in the Termini area, but to other spots connected with the metro A (for instance, Vatican area, or Spanish Steps).


By taxi:

Official taxis connect Ciampino with the centre of Rome (the area inside the Aurelian Walls) for the fixed fare of 30€ (one, two, three or four people including luggage). The fixed fare is exposed on the sides of the taxis. Most taxi drivers are reliable, however, you'd better talk immediately about the price, specifying you're aware of the fixed fare, to avoid some bad surprise.


Other options:

You can also practice getting to and from Ciampino airport for 1.50 € one way. There are two ways, totally doable but neither extremely comfortable nor fast.

1) This method recommended for those who are not scared of walking a little bit to the nearest train station called Casabianca. The road to Casabianca takes about 15 minutes and it is not too suited for pedestrians but is still an option. After arrival to Ciampino go out of Airport territory to reach the road which is just adjacent to airport entrance. It connects airport to Rome.  From the entrance turn left and take improvised sidewalk aside the road. It is not too broad and convenient but available for walking. Follow this sidewalk until the first intersection. Here turn left. This part of the way lack any sidewalk so you must walk on the road itself. The sides are covered with high weeds. However it is short and takes only up to 5 minutes to pass. It will lead you to the Casabianca station where you can take a train to Roma Termini. 

2) Going outside from the airport, walk straight to cross the Via Appia Nuova and reach Via dell'Aeroscalo (some 300 metres from the airport). Here you'll find the stop of the ATAC bus 720. The 720 doesn't run frequently (usually once or twice an hour, never after 8pm, and never on Sundays) and you're likely to have to wait for it even 30-40 minutes, but is useful to reach the metro B station Laurentina in the neighbourhood EUR. From there, with the same ATAC ticket (1.50€ for 100 minutes of journey) validated on the bus, one can take the metro B to the centre. ATAC tickets are available at the airport or usually even in the bus.