Le Marche Region - An overview

They say that Le Marche is all of Italy in one province, and it is certainly one of the greenest, prettiest, friendliest, and most civilised corners of Italy. The region is relatively undiscovered, yet surprisingly accessible.

In the SW corner of Le Marche lie the Sibillini Mountains which are one of the highest sections of the Appenines. They are 40km long and contain 20 peaks in excess of 2000m. Between the mountain and the sea, the landscape consists of vine-clad hills, medieval villages and a rich mosaic of farmland. The whole area is a walker's paradise with many mountain paths, guided walks, and a stunning array of wildlife and wild flowers. The land rolls down towards the sea and the sandy adriatic coast with its sophisticated, shopping, ristoranti and nightlife.

The Marchigiani, or people of Le Marche, remain closely linked to the land and life here is centred on family and the self-sufficient communities of farmers and craftsmen, where the local market consumes most of the local produce.

The wonderful medieval towns offer the visitor an amazing range of historic architecture, that ranges from Art Nouveau villas to characteristic stone cottages, and are home to wonderful art, over 1000 working theatres, fantastic markets and year round festas where you can sing and dance, eat and drink great local fare, and enjoy the local crafts and customs.